WY Red Angus Ranch Selected as Commercial Producer of the Year

by Andy Schwab

John and Tana Kinchen of Kaycee, Wyoming, received the 2023 Commercial Producer of the Year Award from the Red Angus Association of America at the National Red Angus Convention in Denver Sept. 13-15. Bob Morton of Green Mountain Red Angus in Three Forks, Montana, presented the award.

The Kinchen family has been ranching in Wyoming since 1884. A century later, in 1984, John purchased his first registered Red Angus cow from Beckton Red Angus. He had always liked red-hided cattle and was enthusiastic about everything the Red Angus breed had to offer. Today, the Kinchen family remains devoted to commercial Red Angus producers. The family has used RAAA’s Feeder Calf Certification program to increase the marketability of their calves since 2008.

The Kinchen Ranch has long focused their heifer selection on dam fertility, longevity and maternal instinct. They also prioritize structure and disposition. In the early 1990s, Tana had the desire to increase the carcass quality of the herd, so the ranch began purchasing carcass-oriented bulls. They have since continued to select sires with high-growth, high-carcass genetics and the results are easily evident in their herd.

In Tana’s award acceptance speech, she said, “Our veterinarian purchased one fat beef from us, and soon came back offering to buy 20 more because the meat quality was so high. I attribute a lot of that to the Red Angus breed.”

The Kinchen Ranch is located along the Powder River and boasts a mixture of terrain that can be used seasonally. The cottonwood trees near the river provide great protection during calving season. Off the river, the terrain varies from rough draws, ideal to winter cows, to open flats that the family uses in the summer months. The family irrigates hay meadows and uses that hay to supplement feed through the winter.

“The Kinchen family has great enthusiasm for the Red Angus breed and RAAA’s commercial marketing programs,” said Bob Morton. “One of the greatest attributes John brings to the table is his excitement to pass his knowledge and love of Red Angus to the next generation.”

John and Tana’s two sons, Taylor and Joe, have both returned to the family ranch. “We’ve learned everything about ranching from our parents, including work ethic, calving heifers, understanding EPDs and selecting sires,” said Taylor Kinchen. “Our parents never pressured us to stay or to leave the ranch, but always left that option open. They have always given us the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process, so it was an easy choice to come home and stay involved.”


RAAA – 2023

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