Anheuser-Busch Launching Organic Farmland Campaign with Superbowl Ad


An initiative by Anheuser-Busch InBev seeks to help farmers convert farmland to organic production. Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, an AB InBev product, is launching their 60 second Super Bowl LIV commercial featuring 6 For 6-Pack, a new program that allows consumers to join the brand in helping farmers transition six square feet of farmland into organic production.

The commercial is no small investment on the part of AB InBev. The 60 second advertisement is estimated to cost about $10 million.

The program expands on the Contract for Change program, which launched in July 2019 and pledged to help farms make the move to organic barley production. Contract for Change offers 3 to 6-year transitional barley contracts with premiums for transitional and organic barley production. During the transition process the program pays a premium for transitional and organic products and providing the needed technical training for farmers to succeed. The 6 For 6-Pack program will provide the additional funds needed to expand Contract for Change and help increase the one percent of organic farmland.

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is the first national beer brand to be USDA-certified organic. A portion of sales from each Pure Gold 6-pack will go directly to farmers looking to transition to organic, “allowing consumers to help drive change.”

“I want to thank Anheuser-Busch for their continued support of farmers. The efforts put forward by Michelob UTLRA Pure Gold with their ‘Contract for Change’ program have created opportunity for American barley farmers to diversify and capture extra value for their production,” said Buzz Mattelin, Culbertson, MT farmer and President of the National Barley Growers Association. “We are excited that Americans can now participate with the new ‘6 For 6-Pack’ program.”

The commercial advertises that consumers can help farmers by “simply having a beer.” By the math, for every acre assisted in the program, consumers will need to drink 43,560 beers.

Last year, AB InBev caught opposition from the corn industry, and sparked an advertising war with MillerCoors, by depicting corn syrup negatively, sparking lawsuits.

Watch the Michelob 2020 Super Bowl commercial below



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John Rouane

You gotta be kidding. Is there GMO barley on the ground? Organic certification is a challenging commitment on the part of farmers. Good luck, I hope you get the acres needed. However your beer is a little weak.

Neal Fehringer

Marketing Dept trumps common sense. Really 6 square feet. Do they have put a wall around it to keep out the “non-organic” crop inputs. We should be able to heat at least a million homes in Minnesota with the warm fuzzies from this commercial. Alcohol is much more of of toxin to humans than any “non-organic” input.

steve roth

Obviously no "fiscal note" with this or commitment by AB to pay producers more than break-even cost of production. Typical of a world gone goofy w/o a shred of evidence or science by companies trying to please PC progressives.


Have to start sometime and some where

I applaude the effort

You don’t have to drink it

Actually you might suggest to them

Just don’t produce it and we will figure out a way to compensate you for helping to save the planet and us

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